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So, Tye and I rolled out to Michigan this weekend for the Melinn family reunion. We fly into Chicago on Thursday and rented a bad ass Yaris. We got up Friday morning and drove out to Grand Rapids on Friday to meet up with the fam at Aunt Marges house. We had pizza and beer with long lost cousins and aunts at Aunt Marges house Friday evening. Tye and I played some bags with our uncle Tedday and our Dad…the old dudes slayed us two games to one…good times.

Today…Saturday we got up early and shredded some golf with the Melinn clan. Tons of people showed up for the annual E.I. E.I. E.I. O Duke Melinn charity golf event. On the way back to the hotel we decided to stretch the legs of the Yaris…WOW…what a performer.

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